About our mission: Chiropractic Digital Brochures, LLC is committed to providing innovative, cost-effective digital chiropractic brochure solutions that help our doctors reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, while maintaining a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

About Us: Who is Chiropractic Digital Brochures, LLC?

After over 30 years working in private practice, Dr. George A Auger conceived the idea that has become Chiropractic Digital Brochures, LLC. Patient education, for the current patient, as well as a referral tool for the new patient, has been a cornerstone of Dr. Auger’s chiropractic practice.

However, over these 3 plus decades, he noticed several things. First, the attention span of the public has been diminishing. Because of this, current print brochures were way too long and not being read. This defeated the purpose of using chiropractic brochures in the first place. He also discovered that many times the print brochures where not getting to their target destination, rendering them useless as a referral tool.

On more than one occasion, when a specific chiropractic brochure was needed, that specific brochure was out of stock and needed to be reordered. This was a missed opportunity to educate the patient and possibly acquire a new patient. For these, as well as many other reasons, Chiropractic Digital Brochures, LLC was born!

George A. Auger, DC, FCSC

Owner and Creative Director

Dr. Auger has over 30 years’ experience in private practice as a chiropractor. Through Dr. Auger’s practical experience and knowledge, he has personally written all of the chiropractic brochures that we offer through Chiropractic Digital Brochures, LLC. Here are just some of Dr. Auger’s accomplishments and affiliations:

  • Graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic – Valedictorian
  • Garfunkel Award Recipient – Highest honor bestowed upon a graduating doctor
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences – Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • Member of the Palmetto State Chiropractic Association (PSCA)
  • Member of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO)
  • “The Spirit of Sherman” award – Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • “Best Chiropractor in the Upstate” – Greenville News
  • “Chiropractor of the Year” – Palmetto State Chiropractic Association
  • “President’s Award” – International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations
  • “Service to the Profession” award – Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • Author- “The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed”
  • Radio personality – Host: Your Half Hour to Health and Your 90 Seconds to Health – WLFJ His Radio
  • “Distinguished Service Award” – Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • “Leadership Award” – Palmetto State Chiropractic Association

Connie Hood

Marketing and Communications

Hi, I’m so happy you are interested in our team because I, like all of us here at Chiropractic Digital Brochures, LLC, have a true desire to see you live life to your fullest. I was raised in Natchez, MS but moved up here my senior year of high school to graduate from Bob Jones Academy. I’ve lived in various places since then but married a Greenville native which brought me back here in 2013.